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We are the New York Caring Majority, a movement of seniors, people with disabilities, family caregivers, domestic workers, and home care providers from all across the state.

Our Goals

We're working to change the way New York Cares


Community based long-term care is the fastest growing sector of health care. However, while New York’s goals are aligned with community based care, our society has no plan for how to effectively provide for this increasing demand.

Our policies and programs have yet to catch up with our state’s changing realities, and as a result, our families are struggling.

Those of us who cannot pay out-of-pocket for care are often sent against our will away from our homes and communities to nursing homes; our families are spending down generations of savings to pay for care for our loved ones and grappling with increasing caregiving responsibilities; and the people we often rely on to care for our family members struggle to get by on poverty wages.


It’s time to change the way we provide care for our loved ones.

Take action


All New Yorkers deserve the care we need to live full and healthy lives, and should have the freedom to make the care choices that work best for our families.

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It is too hard right now for most of us to make the care choices that work best for us our families. From family members stepping up to care for their loved ones, home care workers struggling to make ends meet, people with disabilities and older adults forced into poverty and who want to age at home but can’t, too many New Yorkers are struggling.

It doesn’t have to be this way — and together, we can call on our state to do more. Together, we can ensure that all of us can get quality, affordable care, when and where we need it.

Join us.